Andaman & Nicobar
Landscape of Scenic and Picturesque Extravaganza

Attractive Packages to Midst of Wonderful Islands

The collective set of 550 islands on the southern part of Bay of Bengal is called the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. The calm and interesting beaches surrounded by light blue aquatic life gives the smell of freshness to those travelers who are more than interested in touring these islands. They are one of the most fascinating creations of God and that is the only reason why people in range of thousands group to see this extraordinary creation of nature. It is such a refreshing feeling to be in these beaches when the silent breeze passes by as if it hasn’t touched anyone. The promotion of water sports like surfing and water polo adds to the fun.  Andaman is gifted with a moderate climate and the cool breeze from the Sea make sit lighter. Seasonal raining and variations are there like any other tourist location. What make Andaman special are the gorgeous beaches and the surrounding water bodies. It is a location suitable to tour with friends and family and also as a honeymoon spot.

We have a lot of tour packages to these Islands for the desiring vacationers. You will surely never return unsatisfied from this land of never ending attractions. These islands are blessed immensely with huge floral diversity; around 2200 plant varieties are recorded till date and it will increase with time. Also the fauna diversity is also attractive and worthy to watch. One of the most important islands to visit in Andaman and Nicobar is the Havelock Island. Tranquility rests here with an unpopulated environment and virgin beach. It is one of those beaches which can be easily accessible from the capital. The sandy white beaches and blue crystal clear water is really attractive. As per Times Magazine, this island is one among the best beaches of Asia.

Another famous island here is the Ross Island. It symbolized power during the British Raj and is named after Reginald Ross. This Island got transformed to a boomed colony where nearly 500 personnel lived. Now there are ruins of the old buildings that were there years ago. There is also museum ‘smritika’ which depicts the island’s history. Another renowned island is the Viper Island where a penal settlement was established. The dangerous criminals were made to work in these islands with chains on them. Other major islands include Jolly Buoy Island, Redskin Island, Baratang Island, Parrot Island, Chatham Island, Barren Island, and Neil Island etc. Also there are lots of museums which have lots of stories to tell.

Our packages cover the entire must-visit places in these wonderful Islands. The only job of the tourist is to pack his or her stuff and board the respective transport to reach the place. While the whole process is appreciable, the value for money quotient is very high which makes one side of the coin safe. The well-organized and agreeable scheduling and planning make the other side of the coin also safe for those who are in search of the real treasures of nature.

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