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Corbyn Cove Beach

Corbyn Cove Beach

Pinpointed at a considerable distance of about 8kns from City Centre, the Corbyn Cove Beach is one of the most visited beaches of the Andaman Islands. Blessed with an awesome location, the beach proves to be a heaven for those who do not want to cover a suitable distance to witness a beach. In other words, the Corbyn Cove Beach is the closest beach from then city. As a result, it is flooded with local families and children during the weekends. Not only this, the beach is visited by tourists throughout the year. Bounded by a luxuriant green milieu, amusing blue sea and awesome texture of sand, the Corbyn Cove Beach has a lot in store for you. In order to unveil this grand store, it is mandatory for you to visit the place.

Tourism Value

The Corbyn’s Cove attracts a lot of tourists due to its advantageous location. The drive to this gorgeous beach is a spectacular relishing treat. One overlooked reason why tourists visit any place is to seek some peace and adventure. Besides this, there’s another important factor-entertainment. The Corbyn’s Cove provides an array of entertainment possibilities. One can enjoy a chilling drink with their buddies at the beach or simply zoom the ocean via a motor scooter. With regard to the sheer concern of the tourists, the cave also provides some of the tidy and well managed bathrooms and changing quarters. The fun is not over yet. Swimming and surfing are some of the water sports enjoyed by the tourists.


The Corbyn’s Cave is a very pristine and intact beach. Its soft sand, lush green coconut bays and clear blue sky all seem to increment the grandeur of the beach. The beach offers a variety of water sport activities such as boating, scuba diving and sun bathing.

Scuba Diving

The stimulating know-how of Scuba diving is major tourist magnetism. The charisma of Scuba Diving lies in the fact that one can steal a look of the beguiling marine life. This life hides in the form of awe-inspiring water bodies, effervescent fishes and incontestably stimulating corals. Underwater photography is a very big draw. Scuba diving helps you to picture the riddle of the sunken ships, thereby quenching the hunger of the curious ones. This water sport fills your mind with freshness and calmness.


If one wants to feel the true essence of water, then what can be better than swimming and surfing. Surfing has emerged as a craze among the youngsters as after seeing enthralling scene of surfing in the movies, they also want to try this adventure sport. Surfing is truly one of the most adventurous and mind blasting sports and the Corbyn’s Cave is just perfect for it. In addition to this, swimming is also very fascinating.

Boating and Sun-bathing

Boating can be done by those who wish to abstain from water sports. It offers quite a pleasurable ride and is indeed by tourists. Sun bathing is also a very good option. One can simply bask in the sun. The filtered soft sand of the beach dazzling under the blazing sun is a toast to the body. The coconut palms are very appealing, henceforth adding to the loveliness of the beach. As a result, anybody would be tempted to capture this heavenly beauty, thereby making photography a vital activity. In spite of so many activities, if one wants to experience a different taste, then the Snake Island is always there to fascinate you with its deadly snakes and amazing corals.

Best Season to visit

Winters extending from the months of December to February and summers extending from March to May are considered as the best time to visit the Corbyn Cove Beach.